October in Owyhee Mountains
October in Owyhee 2006

This is a demonstration of a dynamic, database-driven webpage which allow you to take control of routine updates to your web content. No advanced knowledge of web technology is required: Just use your Web browser (Internet Explorer, Mozilla, etc.) to enter content from anywhere, any time.

A page that works like this one can be incorporated into your site. Using a word processor-like interface you can enter text, images, and other content, and even upload media to the server.

Give it a try!
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"Much has been said of the reader/writer relationship - most recently that the reader is now seen as a co-creator in the work's meaning. But beyond that, reader and writer work in tandem, independently of one another, to make the work stand in the world. But the standing in the world - the "having read" that exists between reader and writer, the "having read" that places the work in question (the question of the work that, now that the physical reading of the work is in the past, remains, all that remains of the work) - is one of silent agreement: I write something (it is complete with me), you read something (it is complete with you), and the completion exists between us without our ever having spoken. We may meet, and we may even speak of what is between us (the work), but what we say is not the experience of the work, it is other than the work - it is now what we have of the work, what we are of the work now that we have left it."

Literary Silence
Jono Schneider

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